Aquarius love compatibility matches

Aquarius love compatibility

January 21st to February 19th

Aquarius, the water bearer, is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius. Aquarius is considered a 'masculine', positive (extrovert) sign. It is also considered an air sign and is one of four fixed signs. Aquarius has been traditionally ruled by the planet Saturn, and, since its discovery, Uranus has been considered a modern ruler of this sign.

Traits associated with Aquarius

Friendly, Perverse, Original, Independent, Unemotional, Detached.


Aquarius and Aries

Aquarius and Aries - These relationships can be special and be the love of your life. You find Aquarius dreamy and thoughtful, which at times can lead to conflict with impetuous Aries. Careful though, as Aquarius can be a very jealous and possessive star sign which can grate on Aries out going personality.

Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius and Taurus - The fact that Aquarius doesn't place much emphasis on sex will annoy the passionate Taurus. They will have a carefree attitude towards love and this will grate on Taurus's conventional manner. All this leads to trouble on the horizon generally with Taurus having to become over demanding to reach it's needs.

Aquarius and Gemini

Aquarius and Gemini - Socialising and activities are high on the agenda for these two. Gemini can find themselves influenced by the constant pressure of Aquarius although they will be attracted to Aquarius's independent nature. The couple will make a fine pairing in the bedroom. All in all and interesting connection that can turn into something charming over time.

Aquarius and Cancer

Aquarius and Cancer - Aquarius longs for status and friends and Cancer can supply security and success so these two go hand in hand. Unexplainable things can happen in this relationship which makes things exciting. They are able to reach common ground in the bedroom with both being adequately satisfied. If these two can get past a few personality clashes then they should be odds on to succeed.

Aquarius and Leo

Aquarius and Leo - Aquarius will keep Leo pleasantly surprised in the relationship and there is an initial physical attraction between the two. Both signs are very socialable but as usual Leo will want to hog the limelight which will annoy Aquarius. These two are opposites so this means take the bad with the good so in the relationship there will be a lot of ups and downs.

Aquarius and Virgo

Aquarius and Virgo - This is an interesting combination of friendship, passion and sexuality. Virgo needs to try and keep it light at the start and see where the relationship ends up and Aquarius needs to remember to give Virgo credit for the effort it puts into the relationship. There won't be too much excitement in the bedroom with both signs having different goals. It's important to build a strong connection to make the relationship last.

Aquarius and Libra

Aquarius and Libra - Beautiful and charming Libra offer Aquarius all they want in this relationship. You both enjoy a social life and have a lot of friends around you. You are both perfect at compromising and you'll find that sexually this will get hotter over time. A great partnership so either get a room or start organising that wedding.

Aquarius and Scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpio - There goes Scorpio's jealous and powerful nature causing trouble again. They will try and manipulate Aquarius free and social nature to be like theirs and it won't work. Both are stubborn so this relationship isn't really going anywhere. On the positive side, sexually it's hotter than a volcano but alas best to just enjoy it and then end it.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Aquarius and Sagittarius - These two love to be the centre of attention. Itís a challenging and exciting relationship with never the dull moment. You will find that you will inspire each other and your sexual antics will include fantasies and be imaginative. To keep this bliss going Sagittarius will need to keep things light and remember to be loyal at all times as Aquarius will not put up with any messing around.

Aquarius and Capricorn

Aquarius and Capricorn - Capricorn wants to dominate Aquarius in this relationship but the fact that Aquarius is constantly on the go makes it hard for them to do this. Aquarius will want to break down Capricorn's serious exterior and this will often turn the relationship into a great friendship. On the long term better to be friends than lovers.

Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius and Aquarius - Compatible together but physical attraction seems to be missing between the two. This can sometimes lead to both clicking or ending up despising each other. Sex takes a back seat in this relationship so long-term partnerships are possible but will lack any va va voom.

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces - normally a better friendship then a romantic partnership. Pisces respects the outgoing nature of Aquarius and feels secure. It's important that Aquarius respects Pisces creativeness for this to go anywhere and not to be too controlling. Bedroom antics can turn out to be surprisingly romantic. For things to work out Aquarius should tone things down a little and take it day by day.

Celebrity Aquarius

Justin Timberlake, Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Aniston, John McEnroe, Paris Hilton, John Travolta.

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